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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tutorial Tuesdays

First of all I want to say thanks to all of my followers. I finally reached my goal of 100 followers last night. That means I am preparing for a giveaway. I am in the process of collecting donations. The giveaway will be posted Monday and run through Friday. So make sure to check back Monday for your chance to win some great prizes!

I was asked many questions about my Teacher Organizer and decided I would start up a weekly posting featuring tutorials. I am going to do this every Tuesday during the month of July. We'll see how that goes and then I may decide to keep it going.

My first Tutorial Tuesday is featuring my Robot Themed Ultimate Teacher Organizer found at my TPT store. Mine is a little more customized since I made it myself. The one on my store does not have the customization with name.

Anyways, I created this product, printed it out, and had it bound. Here is my step by step of putting this organizer together.

Step 1: The Cover
I printed this out on card stock (you can see the inside of this cover in the next section) two-sided
 and laminated it for durability. 

Step 2: Birthdays and Special Events
In this picture you can see the inside of my cover and the first tab 
(I will explain how I did my tabs a little later).

The two two-page spreads were printed on card stock to make them a little stronger. 
I will list student birthdays, holidays, and special events on these two forms.

Step 3: Monthly Calendars
 This is the cover page for my monthly calendars.
These two pictures show what each month looks like.
There is a two-page calendar spread and a two-page note spread for each month.
I printed each of the monthly calendar pages on card stock as well.

Step 4: Lesson Planning Pages (I use an online planner that will have all the details including standards; this will just be used to list what we are doing to refer back to quickly)
You can see my cover page and what each week of lesson plans looks like above.
Each day of the week is a different color.
These pages were also printed on card stock for durability.

Step 5: Gradebook
 My tab has the gradebook page on the front and the grading scale (seen in next picture) on the back.

Each quarter gets a separate tab and ten pages.
These were printed on regular computer paper.

Step 6: Student Data
The student data section includes a table where I record all of the assessments we take and each quarters grade. I also have a notes page. This will be used at Parent Conferences to go over the student's growth.
These are printed on regular computer paper as well.

Step 7: Parent Communication
In the parent communication section I will record all the communication 
made with the parents of each student.
These are also printed on computer paper.

Step 8: Notes Galore
I will use this section to take notes at meetings.
The notes pages are printed on computer paper.

Step 9: Back Cover/Tabs
I printed out the back cover on card stock and laminated it for durability.

I bought plastic tabs in a pack of 8. I slipped these in where appropriate and attached the tab pages to the front and back of each tab using double sided tape (after I had put the tabs in that I had printed).

Step 10: Get it bound!
The last step was to take it to my local office supply store (Office Max for me) to have it bound. For $4 and some change they put the spiral binding in for me. 

And my organizer was complete! I absolutely love it!

If you buy my organizer you will notice there are a few sections that I did not include in my organizer. There is a blog planning section (I decided I was going to make a separate blog planner instead) and a section for each subject's standards (I also decided I was making a separate book container my standard pages). Okay I think this whole making planners has gotten a little addictive because I have three more planners that I am in the process of making now. As I mentioned yesterday I am going to be making a home organizational planner too.

I hope this tutorial answered all of your questions about my planner.


  1. Hi, what a great idea! I have been going back and forth about making my own planner. Question though... you mentioned tab pages. Did those pages have 3 holes in it or they were just tabs you put on the page in your book. I just want to know if Office Max will bind something thicker than paper. I want to be able to have sheet protectors in mine but I didn't know how they could get put in. I guess I want to make mine with all the bells and whistles without the expense. Thanks so much.
    Kinders on the Block

    1. The tab pages were pretty thick and they were the three hole kind (they were made of a thick plastic); Office Max had no problem binding that or my covers which were on card stock and laminated (so they were pretty thick); I'm sure they could do page protectors without any problem.
      Good luck on making yours!