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Monday, July 1, 2013

Giveaways, Monday Made It, and It's July Already? Really????

Can you believe it is already July? Wow, that is crazy. I go back to school the middle of August; I guess it's time to get things into full gear so that I am ready for the year. I feel so far behind.

Btw I am less than 30 followers away from my goal of 100; help me get those followers and I will have be able to have a big giveaway.

*UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE...we are only 17 away from the goal. Let's see if we can get those 17 by tomorrow! I would love that!*

Let's start out with Monday Made It over at 4th Grade Frolics.

Made It #1:

My READ letters are finally finished (the purple one has robots; orange has robots, light bulbs, and gears; green has light bulbs; and blue has gears. These go perfectly with my robots, gears, and light bulb theme that I am having this year. They turned out great!

Made It #2:

I made bulletin board letter storage out of $1 photo albums from Dollar Tree. I saw this idea over at Primary Paradise. I hit up my Dollar Tree for these photo albums; I bought 10, but definitely going back for more. I created these cover photos to slip in the front since they came with boring (and quite frankly, ugly) covers. Now I have to pop my letters out and organize them in these.

Made It #3:

Glue sponges! I have seen these all over Pinterest and have wanted to try them out. While at Dollar Tree the other day I came across a pack of 10 sponges and two packs of 3 plastic containers. I decided I had to do it. So I took those two items and some glue and created these bad boys. Hoping that they are as good as I hear they are! For four of them I put two sponges in to see if that would work better; we'll see.

Made It #4:

This lovely Made It is finally complete. I bought the tabs and took it to Office Max and for $4 I was able to get it bound. I am in love with this organizer. Now I am just waiting on my erasable pens so that I can start filling it out! I have decided I am going to make a home organizer now since this one turned out so great.

And finally Made It #5:

My dry-erase to-do list that I have seen all over Pinterest as well. I decided I needed to have one of these and it was so simple to make. I just created the document on my laptop, printed, cut, and put in my picture frame.

Both this document and the covers for my letter storage albums will be posted on my TPT store along with a few other items I have created this past week.

I want to end today's post by sharing two giveaways that I am a part of this week. First is the giveaway going on over at 24/7 Teacher. She and the other stores involved in the giveaway are giving away a $10 TPT gift card, $20 in Stampin' Up products, The Quietest Pencil Sharpener, and 24 TPT products (one of those being one of my products)! It's a great giveaway to be a part of.

Head on over for your chance to win: 24/7 Teacher

I am also a part of a giveaway hosted by 180 Days and Counting and Tabitha Savage. Their giveaway is broken into three categories: PreK-1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th and up. I am a part of the 2nd-3rd category, but am going to share all three with you.



4th and Up:

Good luck on winning these amazing prizes!


  1. Hello! Found you on the TPT forums, we are your newest follower! Can't wait to read!

    KNJ Kreations

  2. I love how you added tabs to your planner. I'd love a step by step on how you did that and what all you incorporated in your planner. Also where do you get the clear plastic cover for it?


    1. Look for my post tomorrow; due to questions and interest in the planner I will be showing it a little more in detail including the insides. I don't have a clear plastic cover on it; it is just laminated. I decided that would be more durable than just plain card stock.

  3. Your planner looks great! I'd also love to know what tabs you used. I'm printing all of my pages and getting ready to have it bound. Thanks!

    Success in Second Grade

    1. Due to the questions I have been receiving I will be making a post tomorrow that covers my planner a little more in depth. Keep an eye out for it.