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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday #5

I am hoping that this posts correctly since I am still away on vacation and it has been scheduled to post. I have determined the fate of Tutorial Tuesday and am here to announce it while I am also providing my tutorial for the week.

Are you ready?

Okay; I have determined that I will continue Tutorial Tuesdays, but it will only be once a month (the third Tuesday of the month). I will be turning it in to a linky for anyone who would like to join in. Our first linky Tutorial Tuesday will be August 20th. I hope you can join me in sharing how to do things.

Here is my Tutorial Tuesday. I am showing you how to make a portable word wall.

This tutorial is a short one.

Supplies needed:
~Metal rings
~3"x5" notecards
~3"x5" cover pages
~Hole punch
~Command hooks

Step 1:
Create what you want the cover of your portable word wall to look like and print them out to be the size of your notecards (I used 3"x5")

Step 2:
Punch holes in a corner of all covers and notecards (I had a lot of notecards so I put 50 on each letter ring).

Step 3:
Attach the cover and notecards together using a metal ring.

Step 4:
Attach hooks to the wall.

Step 5:
Hang each bunch of cards on a hook.

And there you have it. Now you can make your own portable word wall.

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