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Monday, October 26, 2015

It's A Dream Come True

Have I ever told you how much I love purple??!?!?!?!!!

Purple is my absolute favorite color!

My daughter's room is purple. My favorite fruit (grapes) are purple. The college I went to colors were PURPLE and orange! I bleed purple! My phone is purple. Purple is just the best color out there!

Awhile back I was contacted about reviewing Classroom Friendly Supplies brand new pencil sharpener. As soon as I heard the details I jumped on board. As many of you know I have reviewed their sharpener before and I absolutely fell in love with it. I even got my school to buy a whole bunch for other classrooms! This pencil sharpener is the real deal. And now it's even better!

It comes in purple!!!
Purple is my absolute favorite color! (I know, I know, I already said that)

Look at this beauty!

I seriously jumped for joy when this amazing product arrived at my doorstep!

I loved this pencil sharpener already because of how fast it sharpens and how sharp my pencils get. But they now have me super sold on this sharpener since it comes in purple. I quickly switched it out and took my black one home for pencils at home. My students all thought I just took the time to paint it. They're too cute!

Here is my pencil sharpener in place (notice I have purchased the extra piece that they sell so it can be mounted to my shelf. My students kept knocking it off with the clamp these sharpeners came with. I definitely think the mount is worth the investment).

Look at how sharp these pencils get!
I love it!

And this sharpener even sharpens those cheap decorative pencils that our students all love so much!

Head on over to Classroom Friendly Supplies to get your sharpener today! Now available in Popular Purple! I definitely recommend that one!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer is Ending! Oh no!

I cannot believe two months flew by that fast! I had full intentions of getting back and blogging this summer, but that precious little girl required my time and attention! I can't believe in a week and a half I am back at school and no longer spending my days with her!

She loves to go to school and help Mommy set up her room though! Here is a picture of her helping me out!

Now to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for her weekly Monday Made It
After reading my blog, head on over to check out the other Made Its!

First up with some help from School Girl Style I am redoing my classroom with a monster theme! I used her monster cutouts to make a new door decoration for my main door. The main monster says "In our class we..." and the rest of the monsters have different things listed.

I also used one of her pom-poms to make a monster to hang on my door.

Next up, (using the monster cutouts again) I created my going home charts and my lunch count charts. I got mini clothespins and put the students numbers on them. They will clip in on the appropriate monster. For lunch count, every day they will start out on the blank one and will move their clip to either school lunch or lunch box. This allows me to also do attendance easily!

Next up, I made my BE board thanks to Tonya's Treats for Teachers. I love this board! We will choose one word a week to focus on and I will encourage my students to BE!

Last up, is my favorite! Leaving my baby girl is not going to be easy so I decided to make up a picture collage so I can look at her pictures when I am missing her like crazy!

Well that's all for now! Hope to be back blogging again soon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Where has the time gone?

Hey ya'll! It has been FOREVER since I last blogged and man has my life changed! Last I left you we had just found out our little baby was going to be a little girl!

Now here I am on summer break getting to spend a little over two months with my now 3 month old! Say what? Three months? Really? Man she is growing up.

This post is going to be a little recap of what has happened since October. I won't overload you with bump pictures but I will show you the last bump picture we took so you can see how big that bump got. Here she is! That bump was taking over! She had a lot of extra fluid in there with her (more on that later)!

At this point I had been off work for almost two weeks because we thought she was going to come early plus mommy was having a lot of problems with high blood pressure.

A couple days after that picture I went in for my weekly appointment and the doctor decided it was time to induce this little one since she wasn't coming on her own and my blood pressure was still high and she was getting VERY big (or so we thought; that extra fluid made it difficult to know for sure how big she was)!

We went in that night and started the induction with cervadil. When I first got hooked up the nurse asked me if I was feeling any pain and I told her no. Well it turned out I was having some pretty strong contractions. She was a fabulous nurse and I was sad when it was shift change and she left at 11. I got put with two nurses who were working together (we assume one was being trained, but not quite sure which one since they both weren't very good). Once they took over I no longer got any sleep. They couldn't get the monitors on very well so it was causing it to appear that the little one didn't like me being on my side. They forced me to be on my back the rest of the night (for those of you that have never been pregnant, that position is extremely uncomfortable when you have a huge watermelon inside of you). Shortly after that my back labor started and they still told me I had to remain on my back. I cried and cried for the next 6 hours until it was time for another shift change. That was when my parents showed up and I just broke down and cried on my mom's shoulders. She talked to my new nurse about the issues I was having and this nurse was fabulous. She instantly began helping me get some relief. She also informed me that my little one hated me being on my back so no more of that position. I was able to get a nice shower and eat some breakfast after the cervadil was removed. My doctor agreed that we should wait a few hours before beginning anything else so that I could get some rest. I showered, ate, and attempted to sleep for a couple hours (that was hard since it was light out and I need complete darkness to sleep). 

The next step was to start to pitocin. That really brought on the contractions. After a few hours of the pitocin I was done with the pain. I was having contractions one on top of another for over an hour. I finally decided to get an epidural. After the epidural I was able to get some rest, but still no sleep. The doctor came in late afternoon to check me and I had made no progress. She thought that it might have been because of all the excess fluid I had so she made the decision to break my water. That took awhile since I had so much fluid. She told them to up my pitocin and see what we could get.

Every time they got the pitocin up where they wanted it my baby girl didn't like it and her heart rate would drop so they would have to drop it back down again. This resulted in no progress for many hours.

At about 8:30 PM I was told the news I had been dreading. Our little one wasn't going to come the way we wanted her too. I had been in labor for over 24 hours and had only had one hour of true sleep in the past 28 hours. I was only dilated to barely a 3 and had had no changes since they broke my water. The decision was made to do a c-section. I broke down and refused for awhile, but finally agreed to it.

When I got in to the operating room I was in so much pain because my epidural had run out and they decided not to put the new medicine in since I was getting ready to head to the operating room and would get hooked up with something else. I had so much pain from the catheter and it took forever for the other medicine to begin working. They finally got me numb on one side but the other side would not go numb. They had to turn me on my side to finally get it to work.

They cut me open and our baby girl was stuck. She did not want to come out. I could feel the doctor right by my face trying to pull her out. She had to get up on a stool and a nurse had to go in and push. Finally they got her out and she was having trouble breathing. They had to give her a few puffs of air. 

I immediately felt dizzy and like I couldn't breathe. I told the nurse that was beside me and the next thing I remember I was waking up in the recovery room an hour later with my baby girl on my chest. 

She was born February 27th at 9:55 PM. She was 8 pounds, 6 ounces and 23 inches long. She was a long skinny baby.

I was planning to breast feed but because of the circumstances I was unable to attempt it that night. It wasn't until afternoon the next day before I could (since she had a very bad tongue tie that had to be clipped that morning). Luckily she latched right on and we have been successful ever since.

We battled jaundice that first week and actually ended up readmitted in the hospital for it. It took her two and a half months to fully get rid of her jaundice.

Despite it all she is now a perfect, healthy, chunky baby girl.

Here are some pictures of what has been taking up all my blogging time:

She is totally worth it all. I am looking forward to these two months with her. Now that it is summer break I hope to get back to blogging. I will do my best!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Bumpdate- Weeks 12 through 19

Wow! Life has been major CRAZINESS lately! But here I am with HOPES of blogging again!

I am bringing you a baby bumpdate along with a big announcement about the gender!

12 weeks:
I was very tired this week! I accidentally put that we still had 38 more weeks! I promise I know that 38 plus 12 does not equal 40!

13 weeks:

14 weeks:

15 weeks:

16 weeks:

17 weeks:

18 weeks:

Student Guesses on Gender:
14 chose girl and 5 chose boy (several wanted to choose twins but I wouldn't let them)

Gender Reveal:

Robot= boy, Caterpillar= girl

Which one will survive?

Caterpillar it is!

It's a girl!!!

19 weeks:

Look at that bump!

She's a girl!

She likes to curl up in a ball!


My baby looks like an alien in this picture!