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Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Did It! I Finally Gave In! It's Sooo Early Though!

Yes, it's true; I finally gave in and went to my classroom. I had been putting it off, but I finally had to give in. The hubby's lil brother is coming to stay the night with us tomorrow night. If you've been reading my posts lately you saw a few days ago what my guest bed looks like. It was not pretty. Because of having our wonderful overnight guest I decided I had to get stuff out of my house. Today I took a trip to my classroom with two big bags full of stuff. I didn't want to be out in the heat too much so I only took as much as I could carry on one trip. It put a dent in my stash of stuff. I plan on making another trip tomorrow to get some more stuff outta here. The rest of it will just have to be moved to the floor so the poor boy can have a place to sleep.

I do have to say during this whole process 31 has come to the rescue...I have the large utility tote (okay I actually have three and am thinking I need a third...can you tell how much I love these bags? They are perfect to use when coaching track...okay back to the bag) looks like this except is says Coach Wells and doesn't have the volleyball on it.
This bag can hold SOOO much in it! I used it today and had it loaded down with so much stuff. I almost couldn't carry it because of the weight. When I got to my classroom with all of my stuff and started unpacking it, I couldn't believe how much I was able to bring. I will definitely be packing this thing full again tomorrow!

I cannot get enough of 31 products...good thing is I put them on my Christmas list and tend to get what I want that is 31 related because my sister works with a 31 rep so she and my grandma both order what's on my list for me...I love it! That may not happen this year because I'm thinking there may be too many items on my list...I am growing addicted to this stuff!

Okay I will stop ranting and raving about 31 products now!

On to some really cool news (even though I can't give too many details yet)! My hubby has the possibility of getting a promotion. He took the leap of faith and applied for it today so I am crossing my fingers that he gets it! It would be a great opportunity for our family! Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Love that bag! I will be checking out 31 products. I will cross my fingers too and hope that your husband gets that promotion!