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Friday, July 5, 2013

School Supply Deals Are Starting...Uh-Oh!!!

Oh my, I know it is July and all, but I have been seeing all the ads of school supply deals going on and I am freaking out. I am going to be in so much trouble because of course I am going to go out and buy some! School supply deals are like my teacher heaven!

So what's on my shopping list this week? Well, that I am still planning out, but I do know for sure I will be visiting Office Max to get penny folders and glue and definitely using their coupon to get these bad boys for $1
I bought several of these last year and they came in handy many times.

Oh, and they also have four-packs of expo markers for $1 so I'll probably get a few of those too.
They also have the just black ones.

These both are limited to just one, but I go to that store a lot so I will probably make a few trips (I need to anyways to get my books bound).

I most likely will make a trip with my mom to go visit some of the other stores that are an hour and a half away. She goes there once a week so sometimes I tag along. If I do that I might hit up Staples for the pens, notecards, and erasers that they have for a penny and of course buy some things to get up to the five dollar  minimum. And probably another trip to Target; who doesn't love the Dollar Spot? Oh wait, that's my husband because I spend too much money there. Hobby Lobby will probably be another stop along the way.

And of course, go to Michaels to get these:

They have them on sale 14/$1; what a great deal! I love buying them when they are this price so I don't care if I throw them away after using them.

Don't worry, I will share all of my deals with you when I am done with purchasing it all! Now you go out and get these deals for yourself! 

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