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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Target Happiness FINALLY!! And Check Out My Stuff (it's got to get out of my house ASAP)!!

So today my momma was going back to the university we graduated from to help out at their student orientation. She made me a deal that if I went and helped (of course I would do that) then afterwards she would take me to Target (AAAAAHHHH heaven!!!!).

So after a couple hours of enjoying this amazing weather and helping out we were done and off to Target. Hit up the school supplies and the Dollar Spot! Love it!

Check out my goodies!

First up some birthday goodies for my lil buddy (aka my hubby's brother).
 I found all of these Angry Bird items in the Dollar Spot...score!
Multiplication workbook, Reading Comprehension book for 3rd grade, 
colored magnetic erasers, and wipe off multiplication practice cards
Monster baggies, pencil holder, colored Ticonderoga pencils,
 and all of the lightbulb sticky notes they had 
(I have several projects for these lightbulbs...stay tuned to see what I do with them)
Bright blue mini pocket chart, bookmarks, magnetic mirror, 
birthday certificates, and birthday stickers
Dr. Seuss goodies galore!
Stickers, erasers, bookmarks, and socks...all wonderful for Dr. Seuss week
Dry erase boards
Ones with the US map on one side and World map on the other side
Handwriting paper ones

Now I am linking up with Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge to show you my stuff! By the way this stuff needs to get out of my house before it takes over. Good news is I stopped by my room the other night and they are done cleaning it so I can take stuff in now. I am just waiting (hoping) for my hubby's car to be fixed tomorrow so that I can be free to go to my room without worrying about the car situation.

So here it is:
Ignore the caterpillar (its part of the guest room that has been taken over by my stuff...everything on the bed minus the caterpillar and pillows needs to go to my classroom) see what I mean about it needing to get out...I'm a little worried about where it is all going to go!

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