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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Back From Vacation! And I Have a Big Reveal!

We made it home from vacation. It was a great time, but unfortunately the hubby and I both came home sick so we have spent the past couple of days fighting that off! Now I am back and ready to go!

I only have 11 days until I go back to school and 13 days until my kiddos go back! I have so much to do between now and then!

But I have a surprise for you to celebrate going back to school! Every day until I go back to school I will be posting a new product to my TPT store. I will let you know on my blog when the item is posted. After it has been posted it will be available for FREE for 4 hours! After the 4 hours are up I will put a price on it. All I ask is that you leave some valuable feedback (please no "thank you for the freebie" as that confuses buyers later when it is priced)!

So today's FREE item that is newly posted to my store is:


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  1. LOVE these!! Downloaded and left feedback -great as always!