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Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's Coming!

A week from now I will be meeting some of my new kiddos. We have Meet the Teacher Night next Thursday. I am so excited to meet all of the new kiddos and learn their personalities. I have been busy working away turning my room into a robot oasis! It is coming out great! I can't wait to show the reveal, but it is not quite there yet. I am spending some more time this weekend working on it so maybe it will all come together this weekend and I can reveal!

I have also been very busy working on the lesson planning side of things. I am determined to be more prepared and organized this year!

Because I am so excited for the upcoming year I am making my Daily freebies a little better. I am going to post one new product for free and one old product for free. Both products will remain free for approximately four hours just like the previous ones. All I ask is that you leave some feedback! This pattern will continue up until I go back to school! Enjoy!

Today's old product is:

Today's new product is:


  1. I like the idea of meeting the teacher night ahead of time. My school often reorganizes in the third week of school - so the students and even your grade can change.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Thanks for the multiplication strips!