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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Confessions of a Vistaprint Addict Part 2

Here are some more of my Vistaprint items:


These are stickers for student birthdays

These are stickers for when the students pass banana split multiplication

These are stickers the students receive when they vote in our mock election


This is my behavior log to keep track of the reason students pull their cards

Parkside Power notebook for note-keeping throughout the year


For my behavior reflection area. Student has to set timer for five minutes, fill out the form, and reflect on what they did. They come back after five minutes ready to learn.

Mental image sign

Predict sign

Punctuation matters sign

Election day sign for our mock election

Business cards:

Birthday coupons students receive- no homework for the night

Bonus bucks for classroom economy

Desk fairy cards for when the desk fairy visits, they never figured out last year who it was, we'll see about it this year as well, I love that I don't even have to lie to them when I say I am not the desk fairy because I really am not

Dirty desk cards for when the desk inspector feels like the desk is in need of some work

Passed inspection card for when the desk inspector feels like the desk has passed the inspection

Pulled card tracker for students to fill out when they pull a card

Spelling punch card- students get a punch for every 100%, after 5 they get a prize

Star punch card for anything I list on them


Blank labels for labeling things

Book labels for my classroom library

Labels for banana split multiplication binder

Math extended response rubric labels

Labels with my name on them

Reading extended response rubric labels

Label for when student is out of supplies

Label for writing binder



Other items:

pen for my desk

You have the power pen

You have the power poster

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