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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classroom Projects

I have been busy working on some projects for my classroom. Here are a few of them that I would like to share with you.

First of all are my dry erase frames for various items in my room...I painted several in each color...four will be used for listing homework

One will be used for our PALM schedule

One will be used to list our lunch

And I am still deciding what to do with the rest!

I had these ugly pillows that came with our couch that we got for a dollar a couple years ago. Anyways we bought new pillows to match the couch cover we got, but I kept these pillows around. I decided it was time to do something about them so I sewed new covers for them and LOVE them! Definitely making more now with other pillows! These will be great for the kids to sit on while reading!

One of my favorite things I made this summer and it didn't take much work. I bought a $3 trashcan at Walmart and I had some wall stickers from good ol' Dollar Tree. I added the stickers and am now in love with this trash can that I am going to keep by my desk for me to use! I think I might spruce up the ugly grey ones from school too. I have a lot of Dollar Tree wall stickers. They have so many options and they are so cute! You can not beat it for a dollar!

And this lovely project, which isn't quite complete. I will post updated pics when they are done. It's actually two different projects.

The first ones I will talk about are the bags that are standing up and not taped shut yet. These are the birthday bags. They have various Dollar Tree goodies in them. A couple more treats to add then I will seal them up and add some ribbon to decorate them! I will put their name and birthdate on them and hand them out on their birthday.

And the others are the ones that are more boxier and are taped shut. They contain multiplication flashcards (bought at Dollar Tree). I plan to add ribbon to them and a tag saying "We will have fun TIMES in third grade!" These will be sitting on their desks for Meet the Teacher Night. It's a little gift for them that will benefit them since they will learn multiplication this year. They now will have flashcards to practice at home.

And this little joy is my lollipop plant! I love it!!!

And there you have it, some of the wonderful projects I have been working on this summer. More to come! Plus pictures of my room once all my projects are in there and set up!

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