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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back to School Shopping

I love this time of year. The deals, thrills, and smells that come with back to school shopping.

Office Max
It all started last week. I took three trips to Office Max. They had a deal where if you spent five dollars you got ten free folders. I had ten dollars in MaxPerks so I knew I would make at least one trip.
My first trip I bought a twelve pack of sharpies for a dollar (another wonderful back to school deal), a five pack of dry erase markers for a dollar, ten folders, and a pack of paper that was 6.99, but I got 6.98 back in perks.
Second trip I went to pick up my grade book that I had created in their print center (I'll have to post pics of it later), ten folders, and of course another pack of sharpies (I couldn't resist them since I use them all of the time).
Third trip I was finally able to use my MaxPerks (I had tried to use it online and lost the credit on it and it took them a few days to reinstate it). I bought another pack of sharpies, ten folders, and then to spend that five dollars I bought a pack of colorful skinny dry erase markers for our dry erase calendar at home.

Dun, dun, dun...I know this year many teachers are anti-Staples due to their new policy for teachers, but I cannot pass up a good deal regardless of the number of items I can get. My mom had to be in Evansville and graciously offered to go shopping for me.
I had my mom get two packs of the 1cent crayons, two packs of the 1 cent pens, and two bottles of the one cent glue. She also got me two hole-punches that you can put in binder for 50 cents each, three packs of dry erase markers 50 cents each, and a pack of paper which after rebate only cost 50 cents.
My brother also went with her and picked up the penny items for me as well so I ended up with double the amount.

Toys R Us
They had a buy one get two free deal on Crayola products. I sent my mom there and she picked me up six packs of markers and only paid for two packs.
This week Crayola crayons are 4 for a dollar. I bought them last year at that price and stocked up. I still have many boxes of crayons so I don't know if I will be buying them this year. It may be too tempting though and get the best of me.

Gotta love Target dollar spot. Sent my mom there as well and she picked up some small ice packs for me to keep on hand in the freezer portion of my mini fridge, Dr. Seuss name tags, Dr. Seuss erasers, Lorax pencils, name plates for desks, and dry erase boards with lines. I plan on going myself sometime soon!

They had foam paint brushes (I use these all the time on my projects) for a wonderful price. 14 for a dollar. I sent my momma to get me some (some meaning 42...haha). She also picked up some Dr. Seuss erasers and stickers from there and of course told me I needed to go there sometime and look at all the teacher stuff they have so I think there is a trip there in my future. When she checked out she mentioned to the cashier that she was picking them up for her daughter who was a teacher and the cashier was nice enough to give her the 15% teacher discount.

They had glue sticks for 10 cents each. I picked up thirty glue sticks so far for $3. I may need to go back and get more. That's a really good price for those glue sticks.

Those are my deals so far...we'll see what else I can find!

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