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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Confessions of a Vistaprint Addict Part 1

My favorite place to create stuff for my classroom is Vistaprint. It all started last year when they had a big 4th of July sale. I, like many other teachers, spent many hours creating items for my classroom. I continued making items for my classroom this year too, but there was not as good of a deal as I got last year, but still worth the cost to get these awesome customized items. Here are some of my items.


This one I created to list work for when a student is absent.

This is a behavior reflection form for when they have to reflect on their behavior and take five minutes away to chill out.

This is just a cute blank notepad I created.

This is a notepad of receipts for my class store.

This is a notepad to list the copies I need made for when we have volunteers come in to copy.

This is another cute blank notepad.

This is a notepad to list missing work for students.

This is another cute blank notepad.

This is a notepad for my to-do list.


This is a magnet for students to put their names under when they are ready to take an AR test.

These two are blank business card sized magnets to put students number/name on to use for various things such as AR test magnet above, attendance, lunch count, etc.

These are reminder magnets for meetings with parents.

This is a magnet I placed above a basket containing no name papers.

This is a magnet to put outside the door letting others know we are testing.

This is our "We're away" magnet that lets others know where our class is at if we are out of the room.


This is the birthday banner that is put up on birthdays.

IPICK banner I created for above my books.

ISAT bootcamp banner to put up when we are preparing for the big ISAT test.

Parkside Power banner I created using our logos for the start of PBIS this year.

You have the power banner, also to go along with our PBIS.

Stretch a sentence banner I created.

Sticky notes:


Did not eat your homework cards for missing work

Half birthday cards for those kiddos with summer birthdays

Birthday cards for my school year birthdays

For notes from school to send home

Our postcard exchange postcards

Smiling is infectious card

Cards for when students have something to tell me

PBIS inspired postcards


What happens in 3rd grade... shirt

Hat for when I am progress monitoring or any other individualized testing

I heart 3rd grade hat

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