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Monday, December 2, 2013

Meet Johnathon Jr Acklebottom the 15th

Our friendly little elf finally made his arrival today. He has been secretly writing my precious ones using his code name "Secret Friend". He decided when he got here that it was not Christmasy enough so he put up the tree and a couple other decorations. He left the rest for Mrs. Wells to do later when she has time.

Anyways the precious ones decided to give him the long name of Johnathon Jr Acklebottom the 15th. What a name!

Here is the full picture of the tree complete with presents that JJA (my abbreviation for him) decided to wrap up for the kiddos. We opened one today and it was one of the classroom's favorite Christmas books!

He also brought us this fun game to play. Each time they are not making smart choices a letter is removed. As long as the kiddos have the word Happy left at the end of the game they get to open a gift. He told me he got the fabulous idea from Stephanie over at Forever in Fifth Grade! So thanks for such a great game Stephanie!
They earned a pj day today that will be schedule for one day right before break!

And finally he decided that the tree wasn't the best place to do his spying so while they were at computers he relocated to our clear pockets!

Keep checking back to see what other adventures he gets into!

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