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Friday, December 27, 2013

13 in 13

Today I am linking up with A Teeny Tiny Teacher,  Miss Kindergarten,  and Dragonflies in First for their 13 in 13 linky party.

So without further ado I give you my 13 in 13

This one is definitely infinity scarves. I have fallen in love with them lately! I was just at my Grandma's house yesterday and my uncle suggested that she make me a scarf to match my bright neon socks. I said I would absolutely love that and then I mentioned that I would love it even more if it was an infinity. Guess who is going shopping for supplies to make me one? That's right, my grandma! I sure am spoiled.

This one is hard since I didn't watch too many movies this year. I had to go to my AMC Stubs to see what movies I even watched this year. I have to go with The Lorax since I am so obsessed with Dr. Seuss; I wish it had been more like the book though.

This one is a favorite to watch with the hubby.

That one is hard. I don't like to eat at the same place a lot. My favorite is always changing based on what type of food I am liking at the time. Right now I would probably say it is Montana Mikes since I love some steak and potatoes! Yum!

That would be Whole Brain Teaching. I have not been the greatest at it, but what I have done, I have loved. My goal is to be better with it the second half of the year. I hope to one day be implementing it fully.

That is between two gifts either my purple North Face jacket or my binding machine that does the spiral binding. The jacket is so soft and warm. It fits me perfectly and is so comfortable!

The binding machine is a heaven sent. I have so many ideas of things I can make, but first I have to get some

Oh my that one is hard. I am addicted to Pinterest. When I get on there I spend hours on there. I have over 3500 pins. I can't narrow it down to just one, but I love all the pins I have found on Whole Brain Teaching.

That would have to be this lovely:
Reviewing the Classroom Friendly Pencil sharpener was so awesome! I love that pencil sharpener and thanks to my review opportunity I was able to convince my principal to buy them for the whole school. Unfortunately that meant I missed out on getting a pink one, but there are extras so if mine needs replaced I can get it in pink.

My best accomplishment I would say is taking the leap of faith to open up my TPT store. I have not been extremely successful, but I have not given up. I plan to work on many things over the summer to make my store better. I am glad that I did not let the fear of failure keep me from it and that I have not let the slow start get me down. I have faith that I will become successful with it in the future when I spend some more time on it.

That one to me is a no-brainer. It is one of the precious little one that has me wrapped around her finger lately. She has been the best blessing to my whole family. This is my first picture with her and despite all of the other pictures I have, it is still my favorite. Once she is a little older I am sure there will be ones that I like better, but for now this one remains my favorite.

This is kind of a repeat of the previous one. The day I became a great aunt is definitely my favorite memory. I never imagine I could love this little girl as much as I do. She is my world, my everything. I love getting to spoil her. Since I became an aunt at the age of four, this to me seems like to equivalent of becoming an aunt rather than a great aunt.

I have several goals. First of all I would like to get better at Whole Brain Teaching. I have been doing my research over the winter break and I am hoping to implement it better after break. 
My husband, father, and I all coach Jr. High track together and we have the goal of taking 15 of our athletes to state. Our first year we took 2, second year we took 8, and this year we feel confident in taking 15 with us. 
I also have the goal of blogging at least once a week in 2014. My last goal is to make my TPT store more successful.

This is an easy one for me:
I have a lot of hope for 2014. It's going to take a lot of hope to get all of my dreams to come true for 2014.


  1. Aww. Cute new mommy picture! That looks like a neat binding machine. I got a cheap one but I still love it : ) Have a great 2014 too!

    ~Lucy Kids Math Teacher

  2. Ah, such an adorable picture! And the jacket looks so nice.
    I just got me one of those pink sharpeners - love it!
    Happy break!