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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Johnathon Jr Acklebottom the 15th Brought Some RACK to our classroom!!!

Johnathon got into a little bit of trouble last night. He was out exploring the room when the Grinch decided to tie him up. He didn't like the Christmas fun that had been brought into our room!

Before he was trapped by the Grinch, he did have a chance to put up a special project for the class. He put up a line of RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) ideas. One for each day leading up until break!

We got to open up our first one and complete our RACK task for the day!
The kiddos had so much fun trying to be sneaky leaving kind notes for their friends (a few even snuck into other classrooms when they weren't there; with my supervision of course)! They can't wait to see what tomorrows RACK is!

I will continue posting about the adventures of our elf and our adventures with RACK!

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