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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Fraturday!

I didn't get this posted yesterday because I was busy with a snow day and awaiting the arrival of that new great niece I've been so excited about!

Here is my Five for Friday (or Saturday):

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Here is the precious little girl who made her arrival bright and early this morning! 4:41 am to be exact; weighing in at 8 lbs 15 oz and 22 inches long! I love her to death already! This great aunt is super proud of her and her mommy (daddy too!)

We enjoyed our three days of RACKing this week. My students have loved doing these great random acts. Every morning they come in asking what our next one is. I only have pictures of the first two (Thursday was a little crazy with the winter weather hitting us and causing us to go home early)
This is our line of acts

Day 1- Be super sneaky! Leave a kind note for a friend without them knowing it is from you!

Day 2- Make a Christmas card for a teacher you have had in the past!

Day 3- Write a thank you note to someone who has helped you!

Johnathon Jr. Acklebottom the 15th decided that he wasn't going to be on strike anymore. He has been super sneaky though in hopes that the students wouldn't know where he was spying from.
He spent all day here on top of the board without being found (until 5 minutes left until bus riders leave). The next day he hid in a hole in the ceiling and hid in the candy basket (I don't have pictures of this either because of the crazy day Thursday).

My students got their assignment Disguise a Snowman and are absolutely loving it! A few snowmen have already come back.
If you want to do it with your students head over to TeachersPayTeachers to get your copy from 

As I said earlier I enjoyed my first snow day on Friday and from the looks of it we may have another one Monday! We will see!

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