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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's In My Book Box?

As promised I am bringing you a post about what can be found in my student's book boxes for Daily 5.

But first, I must share some amazing news that I got today. Last year about half way through the year I started doing Daily 5. At that point all I had done was read the book and looked up some information online. I found the Daily 5 for Dummies guide and used that to set things up. I loved Daily 5 and was determined to make it better. This summer I spent time researching it more and started from the beginning of the year.

I am subscribed to the Sisters weekly newsletter. Awhile back they had a little blurb in there about the new online seminars they would be doing. I had been unable to go to their other seminars due to the locations. When I saw the online seminars I forwarded the information on to my assistant principal (she is the one who makes the requests for the PDs we attend).

Today I learned that the request she put in for me to be able to participate was approved. I will be participating in the online seminar that begins this weekend. I am so thrilled to learn from the Sisters! The final webinar is actually put on by the Sisters themselves! I am confident that this 4 week online seminar will greatly improve my teaching of Daily 5.

Okay, now back to the book boxes. Today I will be giving you a tour of what can be found in the book boxes in my room. The pictures are all of the current book boxes, but I will also mention a few more things that will be added later in the year.

Here is the book box. We were lucky last year that we had a Classroom Granny (my wonderful mother). Not only was she a great help on Fridays, but she also bought her "grandkiddos" some great gifts throughout the year. This was my personal favorite. She bought a set of 20 book boxes (I already had six others, so all I needed was 20). I attached a label with a number on the front so that they don't have to be relabeled every year.

Inside there are anywhere from 3 to 7 books depending on the length of the books. This particular student really likes Junie B Jones (me too).

Inside the students also find a word journal. This word journal is used for Word Work. It contains every spelling list for the whole year so they always have a copy to use for practice. It also has a recording sheet for each letter of the alphabet. They will use this to write the words they have trouble spelling.

They have a writing notebook to used during Work on Writing. This is used when I give them free write. If I give them something specific to write about I provide a different paper for that. This notebook they use to just practice writing and to write independently. Last year it worked great, but this year I may have to make some changes with this bunch. I'm giving it time before making any decisions though.

Each box has a pencil pouch. The pencil pouch starts out with three sharpened pencils. All Daily 5 pencils have a special red and white striped piece of tape on the end. These pencils should only be used for Daily 5. The tape is to remind them. Anytime their pencil breaks they trade it out with one of their others. When Daily 5 is over they bring their pencil pouch to me and I replace the pencils in need of being replaced. Later in the year I also add pencil cap erasers and pencil grippers. They don't get to start out with these. Those items have to be earned.

Each box contains an individual packet of Kleenex. Students know that they can use these during Daily 5. After a round is over they may throw them away. This keeps them from using the excuse of needing to blow their nose during Daily 5 time.

Other items that will be found in the book box later in the year:
~A Daily 5 folder to keep papers in that help with Daily 5
~Book recommendations
~Resources that help them improve

So there you have it. A look inside my book boxes!


  1. How exciting! I hope you share everything with us. :)
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. Oh I will definitely be sharing my experiences after I have gone through the seminar. :)