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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Shopping, Daily 5, CAFE, Whole Brain, Oh My!!!

So I went shopping the other day for my many summer projects that I am going to be working on. I found so much more than what I went for...don't you love when that happens?

So here it is; I am sharing SOME of my great finds!

These are some props for the photo booth I plan on having at the beginning of the year!
I can't wait! Need to keep getting props still!
All from Dollar Tree...score!

Colored packs of card stock 5/$10; that's a deal!

More Dollar Tree finds...they had all sorts of bordered paper. 
I am going to print lines on these and then put them in my Work on Writing section!

Small colored sheets of paper that I think I will use on my Super Improvers board!

Many different shapes to use for either some activities I make or bulletin boards! the borders and letters! Plus I have an obsession lately with robots thanks to my family!

Overall I was very pleased with my shopping outcome! There was one store missing from my shopping extravaganza! That would be Target (the closest one is an hour and a half away)...guess where I am going after while? Yeah you guessed it! I will be enjoying the Dollar Section of Target! Ahhhhh!

One last picture to share:
My summer reading! Well it is only part of it! I did Daily 5 last year and decided I also wanted to incorporate CAFE this year so I am reading through the book. My sister has become a huge WBT advocate so I decided to see what it was all about; completed reading that book a week ago and will definitely be incorporating that into my classroom as well. I still have one more summer read book to get (I ordered it, now I just have to wait for it to arrive) and that is The Book Whisperer. I am so excited to see how different my class is this year based on these new additions!

Now I am off to get ready, each lunch, get my car serviced, and then shop til I drop! Have a great day everyone!

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