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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Oh summer, how I love thee! And a little bit of bummer :(

Okay so I know my title is so fun and then so depressing, but blogging is something that makes me feel better so hopefully this will help how I am feeling.

Let me start out with the first part, the happy part! I LOVE summer!! I mean I have all of this time to work on my classroom and to come up with ideas. I have been one busy girl working on things for my classroom. I am slowly putting together robot themed items for my room and will be adding them to my TPT store (speaking of my store, go follow me @ Emily's Teaching Goodies, go do it, now, now, now...okay so maybe that was a little wild, but I'm so excited to have my store; can you tell?). When its all finished I will also be putting together a bundle of it all! Plus I am working on making some other items I have made throughout the past couple of years ready to be posted (they still need cover pages and claiming pages) so they will be up soon.

I went to one of my favorite stores again today...Dollar Tree...I always spend much more than I plan on spending when I go there. And of course now I have more projects on my to-do list. I did finish my READ letters finally and they are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

I also order some new Pilot Frixion pens today...have you heard of them? They are totally awesome. They are erasable gel pens and are perfect to write in my new Teacher Organizer which is finally complete...yippee! Of course that meant I had to order some new ones in fun colors since all I have are red, blue, and black. I can't wait to get them in the mail!

The other item I am considering buying is the infamous Classroom Friendly Supplies pencil sharpener. My hubby even said it was okay to buy it (he doesn't say that often). I'm waiting for my sister (also a teacher) to check it out because we may go in together and get the three pack. We're trying to get her boyfriend in on the deal too since he's a teacher. It is so much better to buy the pack of three, so I guess I will wait a few more days before ordering mine. I can't wait to try it out. If you have one please tell me what you think about it. I keep hearing its awesome, but I'm still a little on the fence.

Okay now on to the bummer :( . Last night they took my great aunt off the ventilator and she passed away. I knew it was coming and her health hasn't been the greatest for a while now, but it doesn't make it any easier. I am grateful that I got to see her on Father's Day when she was actually doing pretty well (we actually thought that maybe she was through it, but God had other plans). I keep focusing on school stuff and my amazing projects and blog-stalking to keep my mind off of it and that tends to help a little. And of course my hubby is super supportive, like he should be.

Okay I think I'm going to go work on some more robot classroom decoration items to distract me now. I'm currently working on a bunting banner and it is C-U-T-E!

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