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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Shopped Til I Dropped Yesterday....Plus New Theme In the Making!

I would say yesterday's adventure was a success. Only one disappointment came with the day spent with my sister and mother. Do you know what that was? We didn't make it in time to the teacher store so they were already closed? :( Bummer! On top of that I had just come up with my new theme which will be revealed in due time!

Now on to my fab finds! I LOVE Target Dollar Spot.
First up, I found these fab books (ALL for $1)

Then I found the big filed folder thingies and the little ones. Plus I found these adorable baggies!

Cardboard File Holders, chalkboard labels, stick on tabs, and scales (score in the Dollar Spot again)

Light-up assortments (side note: these really aren't for my classroom, they are for some fun adventures with my family in a month when we go on vacay in the mountains; our cabin has a campfire; we are going to wear these while hanging out by the fire; so much fun!)

My last buy did not come from the Dollar Spot (can you tell what my next Monday Made It is going to be?)...sorry bout the toes in the pic, didn't realize it at the time!

Enjoy your lovely day!

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