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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whole Brain Teaching- SuperSpeed Grammar

Today I am sharing another Whole Brain Teaching game that my students absolutely love playing. It is called SuperSpeed Grammar.

Superspeed Grammar covers 10 units: nouns, verbs, sentences, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and prepositional phrases, pronouns, articles, conjunctions, and appositives. Each unit builds upon the last. It is important with this SuperSpeed game that you move slowly and carefully. You should stop often and have the students explain the concept to each other. This ensures that they are fully understanding the concept.

In each unit, students learn what the concept is and are given examples. They then are given practice for identifying the concept and giving examples of the concept.

My students have worked through the nouns unit. It first taught them each part of a noun. Starting with a person, giving examples, moving on to place, giving examples, and then moving on to thing and giving examples. They were then given a variety of pictures and challenged to give as many nouns as possible. They started out with the obvious nouns, but after a few slides they started to think about the more detailed nouns such as eye, mouth, hand, etc. It ended with a Big Hairy Test in which they had to identify nouns in pictures.

We started on the verbs unit at the end of the week last week and have continued working on it this week. This unit starts out focusing on verbs being action words. It goes through examples of verbs and then students have to come up with verbs that are taking place in the pictures. After they get the verb concept down it loops back around to nouns by having students identify the noun and verb in sentences and then in pictures. 

I have not gone through any of the other units yet so I will share those as I go through them with my students. I find it is easier to share about the units after I have actually gone through them with my students.

My students beg to play SuperSpeed Grammar every day. They love coming up with nouns and verbs. They can now tell me without hesitation what a noun is and what a verb is.

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