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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Wow, I've Been Gone Awhile

Sorry guys, I've been very busy getting my school year started and enjoying my new batch of wonderful kiddos!

We've had 11 days of school so far and I'm loving this year. My kiddos are great and seem to put a smile on my face everyday. They are a mixture of all sorts of personalities. I have 19 bright smiling faces each morning that make me remember why I love to teach.

I am ready to delve into a full schedule with them and to start instilling the love of learning that I hope they get from being in my room. In the past week I have planned and researched and thought about how I could go about doing this the best. My solution was to throw out what I did last year and take a whole new approach to things. I am doing more hands-on activities for Science and Social Studies. These subjects I planned over the summer in hopes of the planning not becoming so time-consuming. What I didn't plan on doing this year was changing my Language Arts portion of my day. I completed a full week the way I did last year and decided it was not working and I hated it. I told myself it was time for a change.

So instead of changing things up next year like originally planned, I have decided to make that change in one weekend. Good thing is it's a 3-day weekend :). Well, I managed to pull it off. I now have broken my days into sections in order to allow for grouping during my language arts portion of my day. They will now take part in hands-on learning for this subject as well. I am putting my own twist on the daily 5 and CAFE that everyone is talking about. I will keep you all posted on the progress as it goes.
Stay tuned for pictures of how my room turned out!

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