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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently February

I am linking up with Farley again after a few months for Currently February.

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Here it is:

I enjoy listening to my iTunes Radio when I am blogging/blogstalking. I am a huge country fan so it almost always set to a country station when I listen to it. Even at Christmas it was set to Country Christmas.

I am loving the impact that WBT has had on my classroom over the past few weeks. I do not think I will ever go back. I have felt so inspired since having such a successful day yesterday. I had been following Mrs. Shipley's blog for awhile, but hadn't really gone back to read the posts from before I started following her. Oh man, I did that this weekend and it is a wealth of information. Mrs. Shipley inspires me. She is who I want to be! So if you are reading this, thanks Mrs. Shipley!
If you are interested in her blog head on over to Mrs. Shipley's Classroom.

I have spent most of the day researching Whole Brain Teaching; I just can't help it. I have been so inspired lately. It is now after 8:30 and I still haven't had dinner so I probably should get off the computer and go eat. Of course, I am sure I will be right back to the computer after eating. I have some more research to!

I want my Donor's Choose Project to get funded mostly because I am so excited to try out the stability balls. I have one particular student who I think will benefit tremendously from it. I am hoping this project gets funded soon. I'm about to cave in a donate a big chunk of it since I want it so bad!

I have my pre-evaluation meeting with my principal this week. There is some paper work involved and other things that I need to get organized before then. I need to get that done. For the first time since I started teaching I do not feel very nervous about my evaluation. I am actually very excited because I will be showing off some WBT strategies. I am hoping to get the school on the WBT bandwagon and that starts with administration. Plus my students totally rock at WBT!

2 Truths and a Fib:
1) I have found my true passion with WBT: TRUTH
This one should be a no-brainer. I mean look at this post, I have talked so much about WBT! I have absolutely fallen in love and will never ever go back! Thank you for such a wonderful program Coach B. I'm so inspired lately that I might actually attempt to get my WBT certification.
2) I have completed a marathon: FIB
I have completed three half marathons, but never completed a full marathon. One day I would like to though.
3) I have a condition called neuro cardio genic reflex syncope: TRUTH
When I was in third grade I was diagnosed with this condition. In simple terms, there are times when my body thinks I am dehydrated when I am not and it will just shut down and I will pass out. Third grade was a scary year when I first started passing out and no one knew why. Thankfully I had a great third grade teacher who helped make things a little less scary at school. The cool thing about that is that I am now teaching third grade with her! 
I have lived with this condition long enough that I can pretty much control it now and can avoid the passing out. I do have to be careful about my hydration and making sure I am not standing in one place for too long. I have a stool in my classroom that I use on days when I can tell my body is a little off kilter. 

So there you have it! Head on over to read some more Currently posts!


  1. I'm a new visitor to your blog and am excited to look around more...and read about WBT!
    Thinking of Teaching

  2. Ah, pre-eval paperwork. We have a list of six or seven items we have to bring with us, which I had all in order for my last pre-eval two weeks ago. Or so I thought. About half an hour before the meeting I was going through the checklist and realized I was missing not just one but THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE - the actual pre-evaluation form! Arrgh! So unlike me, but sometimes these things happen. Good luck with your evaluation!

  3. Good luck with Donors Choose. Some wonderful good Samaritan funded my entire interactive notebook project and the kids have benefitted so much!!!!